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Vagabond Video

Campus Life hit the streets with a video camera and no script at all on Vagabond Video night. Each group of students had 30 minutes to record their own video. The catch? They had to randomly choose the theme and genre of their movie before they left the warehouse to record it.

TUP Last Chance to Dance

Great Sound, intense Mosh pits and a look back at the band's history was what defined this concert as the Unicorn Project decided to come together one more time. Band members Alex (vocals), Tyler (vocals), Mike (guitar), Paul (guitar), Rick (bass) and Tyler (drums) played through their popular CD and added some extras as they rocked out before a huge crowd at the Warehouse.

Campus Life Old School

This past Monday we had a great time going "old school" and replaying all the games we used to play as a kid. Although it was obvious that some games are meant to be only played by kids (check out the result of Mr. Cool and Josh's collision in the last pic on the flicker slide show), it was still fun revisiting the things that used to keep us entertained during recess.

Mattress Relay

We had a great time this week running around for the MATTRESS RELAY! Teams were given a map with a the position of their mattress on it. The teams had to find their mattress and get it back to the warehouse the fastest. The catch was, whenever the teams saw a leader they had to all start jumping on their mattress before the leader yelled out "What are you doing with that mattress"?

Whitewater Madness

On June 10th Campus Life had the opportunity to embark on a thrilling 4-day White-Water Rafting and Rock Climbing excursion! The trip began with our group of 22 students and volunteers taking on the fierce Menominee and Wolf rivers in the woods of northern Wisconsin. Each had their own surprises that left many students floating alongside their raft!

Summer Smash Up

Summer Smash-Up 2009 was an incredible experience, with over 100 people packed into the Warehouse for a brutal heavy metal show!

Roaming Gnomes

This past Monday night was a great break from the sweaty existence of all of us with a little ol' fashioned photo scavenger hunt! It took us to some interesting places in DG and beyond and resulted in some great photos. Check out what you came up with and let us know which one you thought was the best!

Open Mic Night

Last night we capped off the year with your thoughts, poetry, and music. As I reflect on this past year, I am encouraged by how many of you have really grown into the people you desire to become.


Saturday May 9th marked the 6th STRIVE event for Downers Grove Campus Life and it was an amazing day of serving our community. Over 80 students, volunteers, and CL alumni all worked together to perform much-needed work in our community. The results were simply amazing!:

25 Senior Homes cleaned/repaired
2 Single mom's homes reparied
Senior Home sharing home landscaped

What happens when I die?

The topic of what happens after death is a sensitive one. Thomas Jefferson once said that, "the only things that are sure in life are death and taxes." While I won't get into tax legislation here, I will hopefully help you think through the idea of what happens when you die.