downers grove campus life


Open Mic Night

Last night we capped off the year with your thoughts, poetry, and music. As I reflect on this past year, I am encouraged by how many of you have really grown into the people you desire to become.

Bigger And Better

Start with a paper clip and see what treasure you can trade your way up to.

Water Fight

Summer fun at Hummer Park with a water fight

2007 CL Rafting Trip

After 5 fun filled days of rafting, hiking, swimming and spending way too much time squeezed into cars, the group of Campus Lifers are back with millions of stories about bug bites, sunburns, bruises, cuts, and feeling the most dirty we have ever felt in our lives… and it felt great.

2007 Summer Smashup

Monday night ushered in a huge smash of a summer! Double Decker Turkey Burger kicked off the show with a huge performance. With a crowd of over 150, The Unicorn Project brought the house down with an encore performance. Overall the show was huge. If you were there and you have a band that might be interested in playing the Warehouse, please contact Mike Paull.